February 8, 2010

The High Price of Gas ... or ... Toxic Taxi ©

I think people should be entitled to a discount if they have to travel with a flatulent taxi driver. When we were on holidays in Brisbane one June, we had to catch the plane back home early in the morning. The temperature was below 10 degrees Celcius, but for the entire half hour trip to the airport, the taxi driver insisted on leaving his window wound down. We soon discovered why! I don’t know what that guy had been eating, but I suspect it had been dead for at least a month.

I’m sure the taxi driver was delighted when he saw there were three of us to pick up. That way, none of us could be certain who was causing the pong, and none of us would be bold enough to say anything about it.

If it had been just me travelling on my own, it would have been obvious who was the culprit. But, when you’re stuck on a half hour trip to the airport, and you’re in a hurry, I guess you don’t really have any choice but to put up with it. Mind you, I felt like opening up my window and heaving on occasion.
But if the passenger had been a certain male friend of mine who tends to be a little on the tactless side, I’m sure he would have blurted out something like, “Holy cow mate! Did you eat a dead camel or something!? You stink!”
Sometimes I almost wish I could forget etiquette and just be able to come out with things like that too ... it must be so freeing! It would have been so nice to be able to say, “Look fella, if you feel you have to inflict your grotesque emissions on me, the least you can do is offer me a $10 discount, after all, I think my sense of smell will be affected for at least the remainder of the day.”

Perhaps the cabby was endeavouring to develop an alternate energy source, but frankly I believe he should have a warning on his taxi in relation to the carrying of toxic chemicals. ©

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