May 18, 2010

Throw Away the Diet - Scientific Proof it's Better For You ©

Ok ladies and gentlemen, if you needed more definite proof that dieting is no good for you, consider the study undertaken by the California University in San Francisco and Minnesota University which involved a group of women undergoing a diet.

It was discovered that those women counting calories over a three week period produced higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is harmful to the human body! Cortisol actually encourages the body to gain weight, rather than lose it.

In addition it was found that dieting increases the possibility of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Sounds like a good reason not to diet doesn't it?

So how can we know what foods are ok to eat and are not going to cause cancer? Well let’s first eliminate all foods that have been proven to be carcinogenic, that is, cancer-causing.

Obviously processed foods are going to be way up there on the list, especially if they include:
·         Colouring agents;
·         Artificial seasoning;
·         Preservatives;
·         Bleaching agents;
·         Anti-bacterial agents; and
·         Trans fats (found in many take-away foods and potato crisps).

Specific processed foods to avoid include:
  • All cured and smoked meats including hams, canned meats, sausages and bacon because they contain the preservative nitrite. In fact frying bacon makes it even more carcinogenic.
  • Pickled foods are a high risk and are believed to be one of the major causes of the high stomach cancer rates in China. So don’t eat Chinese food because of the amount of pickled foods used in their cooking.
  • Mayonnaise is a definite no-no because of the high carcinogens;
  • Don’t add vinegar to your salad because it interacts with the food in a negative way.
  • Donuts, crackers and biscuits are also on the “do-not eat” list as containing various carcinogens.
  • All soft-drinks are carcinogenic if consumed regularly, and it doesn’t matter if it’s full of sugar or artificial sweeteners because both have been found to be carcinogenic. 
Certain foods release substances in the body while they are being digested that can cause cancer because they injure the digestive tract or the inner wall of the stomach. Avoid:
·         Very spicy foods;
·         Salty foods; and
·         Hot porridge.

Some foods that require fermentation in their process are also carcinogenic:
·         Beer;
·         Wine;
·         Yoghurt; and
·         Bread

A good old cuppa can’t be bad for you can it? Consider the following items which have naturally occurring tannins in them that are carcinogenic:
·         Tea;
·         Coffee; and
·         Cocoa

Real every day unprocessed foods are also carcinogenic including:
  • All meats because of their high fat content;
  • Eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables because they all contain benzene which is a carcinogen;
  • Tarragon (herb) because it contains estragole;
  • Safrole (a carcinogen) can be found in cinnamin, nutmeg and other herbs and spices; and
  • Black pepper which is considered by some to be highly carcinogenic;

Whatever you do, don’t barbecue anything – it is the worst way of cooking your food and increases the carcinogens. But then broiling or frying your foods is only slightly better because these two methods have been proven to be carcinogenic as well.

In fact, food packaging itself has been shown to be a carcinogen. Traces of food packaging when ingested remain in the human body and accumulate to levels which can cause cancer. Residue from food packaging has been found in a high percentage of the population of the USA including babies.

That then leaves us with … untoasted flat-bread, no yeast, no bleaching or preservatives or artificial colouring, and a drink of filtered water from an uncontaminated water source, ensuring all artificial additives such as flouride have been removed.

That's right bread and water.


Of course you will die from lack of nutrition,
but at least you won’t die of cancer.

Perhaps we should all just go and eat dirt. ©

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