May 31, 2010

More Weird and Wacky Websites No. 3

In one of my earlier entries I shared with you some of the strange websites I've discovered on the internet. Today I would like to share some more:

The Roller Coaster DataBase contains statistics on 2102 roller coasters from 858 parks located in 66 countries and currently holds more than 5,000 pictures. On this site you can find out what new roller coasters are being built, along with where they are being bilt. If that isn't enough, you can view lists of record holding coasters, inversion breakdowns, and the census of the different kinds of coasters. I give this website 2½ stars out of 5 for weirdness.

The Magic Eye website is a collection of optical craze of the '90s now has its own website, featuring a vast collection of Magic Eye pictures. Master the art of viewing the hidden 3D image by practicing on a multitude of pictures. I give this website 2½ stars.

Have you a secret hankering for toasters? Then this is the site for you. Head along to The Toaster Museum Foundation, which resulted from the popular Toaster Museum in Seattle and the owner's eccentric uncle. I give this website 2½ stars.

Playing the air-guitar is not easy, but now you can learn all the skills it takes to become a superb air-guitarist. Purchase your free air-guitar on-line at this website and you'll be rocking like a star in no time. Applicants must be willing to put in plenty of practice time and develop the right attitude. I give this website 3½ stars.

For some of the world's weirdest and frankly stupidest inventions, go to the absurd inventions website to find dozens of inventions that have actually been patented, such as the diaper alarm, toilet landing lights and bulletproof buttocks. I give this website 3½ stars.
If you love words, especially accents, then the Southern Word Homepage is a great destination for those wanting to speak in the Southern American drawl. Suitable more for anyone over the age of 15, the humour is likely to be lost on anyone under that age. I give this website 4½ stars out of 5 for quirkiness.

Do you feel the need for more housework, especially in the kitchen? For the obsessive compulsive in all of us, go to Peel the Potato where you can try to beat the record for peeling the potato the fastest, or simply for the relaxing pastime of peeling spuds. I give this website 2½ stars

For those who think there should be more riddles in the world, then here is the largest collection of riddles in the world to stump both yourself and your friends.  Only Riddles has thousands of riddles and their answers.  I give this website 2 stars out of 5 for weirdness.

Enter the world of big numbers to discover how big and how small our world is. You will learn a lot about the number you chose and how it relates to the world we live in. I give this website 2 stars out of 5.

Would you like to know how Band-Aids come from Listerine? Find out at Useless Information and lots mores. 

I'll share some more with you another time.

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