June 30, 2010

Finally Went Fishing!

Today we finally made it to our fishing spot. Somehow we'd managed to misplace some lures and had to quickly buy some more before we continued on our way. Got to the spot, which is in a nice shady area under a local bridge, tied on the new swivel, lures etc and away we went.

We got one bite. Yep, just one.

We saw several fish jumping out of the water, but they decided our lures didn't look all that tasty and went swimming off in an entirely different direction. If I didn't know any better, I might have thought they were poking their tongues at us and laughing as they swam away.

JD rediscovered his prowess in casting and got the line out further than I did. We had a chance to relax, which in my mind is the most important part of fishing.

So all in all, it was a quiet afternoon, spent out in the open, enjoying each others company. 

As for the fish - they'll still be there next time - though I'm pretty sure they're safe from us.

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