June 21, 2010

Follow-up On My Knee Surgery

I revisited the surgeon ten days after he operated on my knee to remove the cartilege and bone fragments that were floating around in my knee joint. As you may remember, he also smoothed out a piece of the knee bone which had been damaged from all the pieces floating about.

I was quite surprised that I was still having such pain and stiffness with the knee. After all, it really wasn't such a major operation. The surgeon then advised that they had found that the meniscus tendon had been torn and they had tidied it up. This is why there was still pain and stiffness. The surgeon advised that it would probably take another couple of weeks before it would be properly healed.

It's now been almost 4 weeks and I've still been experiencing pain and stiffness. I can now walk without my walking stick, and I can get up and down stairs a little better, but progress has been much slower than I anticipated.

After research on the internet today I discovered that it can take between 2 & 3 months for complete healing, and not everyone experiences 100% recovery. I wish surgeons were more forthcoming with all of the details. It would have been better for me to have more realistic expectations.

I will be continuing with my exercises and will probably try and do some aqua-therapy as well, when I can afford to go. 

It's so frustrating! I won't be able to drive my manual car for several more weeks. Looks like I'm going to have to be patient for a while longer.

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