July 29, 2010

Cats Are Like Kids

It’s yet again another beautiful day here in Central Queensland, Australia. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s winter-time. Today the temperature is sitting around 27°C or 81°F. The sun is out and I could quite happily go to sleep out on our back verandah.

I’m sure our three cats would love to be outside too, but they are indoor cats both for their own safety and the safety of the local wildlife.

I was considering how our cats are a lot like young children. Their world revolves around food, play and sleep.

We have a variety of toys available for the cats, but like kids they often prefer to play with the wrapping rather than the toy itself. In fact, the cheaper the toy the more they play with it. Our youngest cat Cinnamon prefers to play with bottle top lids rather than with the expensive catnip filled toys we purchase from the pet-store. Larci loves paper bags and occasionally TV, especially if it's showing birds or rodents.
Kids like to make a game of things because it makes it more enjoyable. Along our corridor we have a cat tunnel and whenever Cinnamon has to walk down the corridor, she always has to walk through the tunnel because it’s more fun.

When it comes to meal times, our cats eat about half of their food and then check to see what the other cats are eating - like children at meal-times that want to make sure they’re not missing out on something the others have.

Like children, our cats don’t want to be cuddled or kissed if it’s playtime. Our cats will try to physically push us away with their paws as if to say, “Aww enough of that mushy stuff, let me go and have some fun!”

Even sleep time can be more fun simply by choosing a different location to snooze, or to squash up together in one spot, no matter how much space there is.

Thankfully they don't talk back - well, at least not in human words.

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