July 9, 2010

A Cold Wet Day

It's been a rather cold, wet miserable kind of a day. The kind of day when you really don't want to do much other than wrap yourself in a warm blanket and read or watch a movie.

I've been busy updating some photos and tidying things up on the computer. In addition, I put together a new chores schedule for JD. I'm sure most 12 year old boys are the same, but as we weren't having much success with the old way of doing things, we have changed tactics so that now JD earns privileges by completing chores. Basic chores are one point each such as washing up or putting dishes away. Washing the car will earn him extra points. With these privilege points he can gain enough to play computer games for 2 hours, or have a friend stay overnight, or go out to the movies. Each privilege is worth different amounts of points.

At the end of each week, we add up the points to see what has accumulated. Of course there are basic chores that do not earn points such as making his bed and tidying his room and doing his homework. If these are not completed he loses a point for each one. If he complains or argues about it, he loses another point.

I typed up a contract where JD agreed to chores and privileges, and we signed to say we would pay up. At this stage it will probably still undergo some teething problems (which we've discussed) and we'll make adjustments as necessary.

The new program starts tomorrow. Hopefully JD will see learn to appreciate his privileges. It's all part of the process of teaching him to be independent, and understanding that he will have to work for a living.

But now, that it's getting late, the colder wet weather is still hanging around as I sit here and type. I enclose a couple of photos I took this afternoon. One is a view from my window as I sit a the computer:

The other photo is of raindrops on some gum-leaves:

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