July 27, 2010

Just One Photo Today

Strangely enough, I've been quite busy, though it's hard to determine where all the time has gone. Probably one of the best consumers of time in the last day has been uploading my best photos to Wikipedia.org. I've made the photos freely available for people to use.

I know how frustrating it is when you want a photo of something and look on the internet, and they're all copyrighted. I can understand people wanting to keep photos to themselves if they make money from their photography, but why not share around the photos and we can  have a have a fabulous resource on the internet? It seems such a shame to me that we aren't more giving in our society. Oh well, guess I'll just join the few who do share.

Anyway, I managed to snap about 50 photos today and got only ONE decent one. The birds were hiding in the trees, behind branches, twigs and leaves and flying away just before I snapped a photo. Here's
an Australasian Figbird (male):

Australasian Figbird (Male)
I did snap one of his mate, but unfortunately it didn't turn out anywhere near as well:

Australasian Figbird (female)
She seemed much shyer and hid well away in the tree. You can see here she's looking straight at me as if to say, "Go away! I hate having my photo taken!"

One of the other things I've been putting some time into has been my writing of the Mal-Larci, the Superhero Cat blog. I'm getting enough material here for a small book, and am now down to the final couple of chapters. I hope you can drop by and check it out.

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