August 28, 2010

Some Wildlife Photos Taken In Our Backyard

Just in the past few weeks, the rainbow lorikeets have been dropping by for a visit at our house .... ok, probably because we've putting out some seeds for the wild birds in the area. I don't think they care whether we're here or not. Most of the time they let us get quite close, and they seem to be as curious about us as we are about them, though usually their attention is focussed more on a good feed.


There's also been a very friendly laughing kookaburra who takes food right out of my hand. He's very gentle though a bit skittish but recognises that I'm a friend with food. As soon as he saw me the other day, he flew straight over.


As a rule I don't feed birds because I don't want to encourage them to rely on us, but I don't mind giving them a little supplement to their diet. 

Within ten minutes of the kookaburra we had another visitor on our back porch. I'd seen the spotted turtle-dove on several occasions but had never seen it so close. Because the bird was so skittish, I had to hide around the corner where it couldn't see me and take photos blindly in the hope of getting some decent shots before it took off. Here they are:

The night before I took the following photo, when we had a local brushtail possum jump into the tree overhanging our back verandah. I'd been hearing his grunting and growling nearby for a few weeks now, and was fortunate enough to get a half good shot before he disappeared.

We also had a visit from an Australian King Parrot. I've never seen a wild one before, and certainly none in our neighbourhood. He must have spotted the Rainbow Lorikeets feeding out of our seed bowl on the clothesline and was helping himself to a feed. JD and I dashed outside to try and get a few photos before he disappeared:



I also managed to grab this shot of a bug that looks a bit like a wasp of some kind, but I'm not quite sure what it is.

Then there were two VERY interesting moths in our laundry:

And a close-up of a butterfly who got lost in our laundry and couldn't find his way out to the sunshine.

All in all, a very successful time with my camera.

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