August 20, 2010

What a Day! ©

Yesterday was one of those unpredictable days. 

I did my breakfast radio announcing and everything went well except that my usual Thursday guest Ana was unable to make it for her regular spot. BUT, the day before I had pre-recorded an interview so was able to slot that in instead.

Score: Positives = 2 Negatives = 1

On the way home I dropped in at the supermarket to pick up a few items. Fortunately I remembered everything we needed and even managed to snaffle a good bargain with some inexpensive fresh dates for half their usual price. I don't usually buy them because of the cost, but I was stoked about this treat. When I got out to the car, I realised that I had been wearing my shirt inside-out which would explain the funny look I received from a lady.

Score: Positives = 1 Negatives = 1

After I arrived home, I found poor Ana very sick and she went off to bed. So I had to carry in the groceries all on my own. This is not much fun when you have a bad shoulder and knee. But was able to grab something quick to eat and put my feet up for ten minutes.

Score: Positives = 1 Negatives = 2

At 10am I had a phone interview for a possible job which I am really hoping to get and am very suited for. The interview went very well. Part-way through the interview I had a call from JD's school saying that he'd had a fallen off his friend's scooter and was in sick-bay, so I said I'd go and pick him up.

Score: Positives = 1 Negatives = 1

JD's broken arm
Picked up JD from school where it appeared that his injury was worse than they had led me to believe so we went up to the hospital. In total we spent 3½ hours there and after an examination and an x-ray it was determined that JD had broken his arm. By 2.30pm he had his arm in a cast and a sling and we returned home.

Score: Positives = 0 Negatives = 2

At home I helped JD with an assignment and together we came up with some good ideas for his oral presentation next week. We did some online research and JD spent some time on the computer after that putting his ideas and thoughts down in a document. Meantime I was quite exhausted (sleep apnoea and lack of sleep) and had a surprisingly deep sleep for 3 hours!

Score: Positives = 2 Negatives = 0

After that we had some tea, put JD to bed and around 9.30pm I spent half an hour in the shower cubicle scrubbing it clean. Then spent 2 minutes just standing under the soothing water of the shower, lovely soft waterfall flowing over my head... ah, bliss! 

Score: Positives = 1 Negatives = 1

Total Running Score: Positives = 8 Negatives = 8

Yep - definitely one of those days! ©

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