July 12, 2011

Goodbye Gorgeous Girl Rachel

It's a sad entry into today's blog as I relay the news that we had to get our ten year old dog Rachel put to sleep. She'd been going blind for the past four years and in more recent times was becoming more and more anxious and stressed. When she started snapping and growling at other people, including myself, we discussed it and decided that it was time for us to say goodbye. She was unhappy and stressed so much of the time that, even though it was a very difficult decision, we decided that it was time.

So I include some photos as a tribute and to say goodbye to our plump, loving little companion of the past decade.

To Rachel
Rachel as a young dog
"The whole beanbag is MINE! Muwhahaha!" 
Rachel smiles for the camera. 
"Will you please move over? Your butt is
too big for both of us to fit in here!"
Rachel sleeping
A recent photo
One ear up, and one ear down: it's the latest fashion!
Bye! See you in heaven.

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