September 21, 2010

Own Your Style

Do you have your own sense of style? If I'd been asked this question I would probably have said "No." 

I've seen the way some people dress and I would say without hesitation that they don't have a sense of style. But what if their sense of style is "trailer trash?"

This question arose after I asked someone's opinion about a shirt I was considering purchasing. My friend replied, "That's definitely your style." 

I was astonished! I'd never considered that I had my own style, because I'd never gone out of my way to develop a "Vicki-S style." My style came about through the need for comfort, colour and creaselessness. The most important factor being the requirement that it does not need ironing. 

I pride myself on the fact that in the last 15 years or so, I've only ironed twice! Frankly it seems rather silly to me to buy clothes that require you to spend time ironing them. Why not purchase crease-resistant clothes in the first place and then spend the time that you've saved doing more important things like solving the energy crisis or eating chocolate!

The bride at a wedding I attended quite a number of years ago dressed herself and her four bridesmaids in crease-resistant clothing. Uncrushable satin was the theme for the day, with each of the bridesmaids dressed in a similar though different coloured dress. One wore bright blue, another yellow, red and finally iridescent green while their partners wore matching cumberbunds.

Perhaps it was the glare from the bridesmaids dresses that affected my eyesight, but I could have sworn that the bride herself was dressed in a badly-sewn home-made white sleeveless dress. What was even more unfortunate about the low-cut dress with gaping sleeve-holes was that the buxom bride chose not to wear a bra for the occasion.

A rather eye-gouging style, I thought at the time.

My friend Ana definitely has her own sense of style, with the colour purple being a recurring theme. I love that she is confident in her choices even though on occasion it has lead to some less than favourable comments.

Ana recounted one incident when she decided to wear a muslin shawl over her dress to church. 

Seated in the pew behind her were two young men. One turned to the other and said, "Look, she's wearing a towel!"

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