October 27, 2010

I'm a Handicapped Handyperson

In the past few weeks, I've been getting back into some handyman chores around the house, which I had been neglecting for some months. With a recent increase in my energy levels (helped by some slightly better sleeping patterns and less stress), I've undertaken a few neglected items.

One of the latest chores became a family activity and we now boast a five shelf bookcase in which we have placed several hundred of our DVDs. It's tidied up our previously overflowing and frankly quite messy set-up, but we've actually been up to place them in some kind of order. I'm not anal enough to want to place them into alphabetical order, but at least we've broken them up into G & PG rated, oldies and everything else.

Today I put up two strong bird-perches on our back verandah so that our visiting feathered friends can have somewhere to sit, especially in the rainy weather. 

I even managed to clip the worst section of the front hedge which should more rightly have been called "the crazy and out-of-control green monster thing that may have eaten our postie."

My next chore is to make a four-line indoor clothes line for our laundry. We have only a small airer on which to place our clothes in wet weather. With three of us sharing a house, it has proven very inadequate, not to mention a nuisance in such a small space. I've worked out how to make it and have purchased the clothesline, the hooks and the dowel. Let's just hope my skills can match the design in my head.

I won't bore you with the remainder of my chores - there are several which I can't complete because I'm physically not able, but have a good mate who will help out with those, one of which is to remedy a major drainage issue.

That was my exciting events of the day, which included a visit to a major hardware store where for the first time I found an employee who actually gave a damn about what I wanted and went out of their way to find it for me ... amazing!

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