June 15, 2011

Birthday Double Vision

There goes another birthday, and here comes another year. My mum and friends contributed some money towards a cotton summer wrap-around dressing gown that I am getting made by a seamstress. I've spent ten years trying to find a robe that's not in fairy floss pink or blue or made out of polyester, and have finally now found someone who makes them in cotton. I've asked her to make it in dark purple or raspberry. I'm sure that's probably not the most exciting subject to most people, but when you live in the sub-tropics, cotton clothing is essential in summer-time, otherwise you feel like you're wearing plastic-wrap all the time!

I completed some more work placement at the respite centre on my birthday and was surprised at lunch-time by a lovely white mud cake from everyone there. Then in the evening, my friend Ana, young JD and my flatmate JayCee surprised me with another birthday cake and some gifts. For a moment I thought I was seeing double because my family had purchased an IDENTICAL birthday cake to the one I had received from the respite centre!

Then my family delighted me further with a chocolate fountain and an addition gift which was shaped similar to and felt almost as heavy as a brick, covered in gift-wrapping.

"Oh wow!" I exclaimed, "My very own brick! I've never owned my own brick before!"

The wrapped 'brick' turned out to be around 800grams of plain chocolate. Yum! And of course we had to try it out in the new chocolate fountain.

JayCee had prepared some apple, marshmallows and lollies to try out in the melted chocolate. It was all delicious, but though I'm not a keen marshmallow fan, I found the marshmallow covered in chocolate was the most delicious out of all that we tried.

Sigh! My birthday chocolate dream wishes came true!

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