October 26, 2010

Photos from the Duck Ponds

JD and I recently went to the local duck ponds (as the locals call it.) It's a popular destination for families with many providing food for the various water-birds and turtles. Just by going along they also personally provide food for the hordes of hungry mosquitoes as well.

Having my camera with me in an attempt to get a good photograph of a jacaranda tree, JD suggested we see what birds and other wildlife were there. So here are our photos from our short excursion.
"Ok bud, I've got my taste-buds ready,
where's the food?"
"If you're taking orders, make mine egg and
lettuce on multi-grain, thanks."
My wife and I are partial to caviar.
"Feel like eel? Forget it buddy!"
"I'll just ask my mummy for something to eat
... if I can find her."

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