November 13, 2010

Magical Magpie

Previously I've mentioned the wild birds that call in for a bit of a feed which include three magpies, one of whom will eat directly from our fingers. 

One of the more shy magpies has taken a bit of a liking to me. While it won't take food from my hand, it tries to talk to me in magpie talk. A couple of weeks ago I tried to imitate its calls with my whistles. The magpie responded and we've been whistling backwards and forwards to each other every day.

He's been so interested in talking to me, that he often forgets all about having his food. 

Today when I went out to give him some mince, he began talking as usual and I whistled back. Then suddenly he was imitating various bird-calls. Two I recognised as a peewee (magpie lark) and a whistling kite.

This amazing wild-bird realised that I wasn't a real magpie and seemed to be showing off his own mimicking talents. He was remarkable. I felt quite priveleged to have this wild-bird share his talents with me.

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