November 17, 2010

What the .....?

Hairy Knee
I've mentioned that I'm going through menopause. In earlier blog entries I've talked about the extra facial hair, the forgetfulness, the sagging, dragging and things generally hanging about, along with the stray weird eyebrow hairs and the hot flushes.

What I discovered recently has me a little concerned. I refer to the 7cm (1.5 inch) hair that is now sprouting merrily from my knee. My leg hairs thankfully are fairly light and my knee hairs are usually only a few millimetres in length. But this extra long one has me a little spooked.

Hairy Toes & Feet?
My concern is ... what happens if I starting growing long knuckle hairs or extra hairy toes? 

Do I have to start watching out for ear hairs as well? Will I wake up one morning with something that looks like a long-haired hamster growing inside each ear canal? 

Can I also look forward to navel hair, sideburns and a really good case of back-hair?

Perhaps it would be a good time to invest in a waxing salon right about now.

So I'm probably blowing everything out of proportion, but then ten years ago I never imagined I would be experiencing all of the things I mentioned in the first paragraph.

It's a kind of weird time of life for a woman... I've grown to the point we're I am very comfortable with who I am and worry less about what people think of me. In  my mid forties I have more confidence then I did twenty years ago, and my sense of self is based on who I am on the inside and not the outside - which is probably a good thing, considering how the outside is going.

I look forward to my fifties because I can only imagine how much more I will grow in myself, but in a way I'm also dreading the fifties because my body has already started falling apart.

I think that's why God has made us the way we are. As I look back at myself in my teens and twenties I realise how clueless I was about myself, other people and the world in general. It's kind of like God gave us healthy, strong and pretty bodies and faces when we were young, to make up for our utter stupidity.

As we get older and wiser, we lose the health, youth and looks but make up for that loss in wisdom and confidence.

I guess it all balances out in the end.

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