December 21, 2010

What a combo - TV shows

Late one night as I was typing on the computer, I noticed that the old television show "Charlie's Angels" came on. 

When I was a teenager, this show, along with "The Bionic Woman" were two of my favourite shows, especially because they showed that women could be as strong and as capable as men.

So when the program came on, I glanced across and the three 'angels' were on board "The Love Boat" which was another program that aired at the same time. 

"Isn't that interesting?" I thought. I hadn't realised that the two shows had been co-partnered for one episode.

But what made the show even more fascinating was that one of the main actors was Dick Sargent who had played Darren Stevens on the television series "Bewitched."

It kind of threw me for a moment, thinking that they'd somehow combined the three shows, but then I remembered that Bewitched had finished ages before the other two were aired.

I've noticed they do similar things today. One network will cross over two of their most popular shows. I guess the thinking behind it is they'll get larger than average viewing numbers.

It just goes to show though that nothing much has really changed in television land!

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