January 11, 2011

My First Day at Training

Yesterday I started my training in earnest to gain a Certificate III in Aged Care (and Disability).

On Friday we had orientation and after being given several books and paperwork, I must say I felt rather overwhelmed. Looking around the room, I noticed a similar feeling being expressed on everyone else's face. It made me feel good to know I wasn't alone!

Fortunately the day went well, though I hardly slept at the night before. Last night I went to bed fairly early because I didn't want to fall asleep in class today - especially since I snore!

Now that it's started, I'm beginning to feel excited. I hadn't realised until today how much being out of work was making me feel. Since my work injury two years ago, I've been suffering depression, and knowing I couldn't work full-time again has had quite a negative impact on me.

This course should enable me to work part-time and earn some money, and it means I will be able to give back to others in need. So .... YAY!

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