January 31, 2011

Farewell to Phantom

Spunky the mouse
Phantom the mouse
JD got two mice a couple of years back. The white one he called 'Spunky' and the patchy one he called 'Phantom' because of the masked shape across its face.

He said that the two of them used to fight in the middle of the night and wake him up, so he gave one of them to a younger class at his primary school. 

His remaining mouse Phantom was a sweet little thing that used to like being scratched behind the ear. She would close her eyes in contentment and I swear she almost smiled.

Unfortunately, despite warnings, JD continued to leave his bedroom door open and the cats would often go in to salivate near the mouse cage. A couple of weeks ago, our ginger and white cat Larci jumped on top of the cage, causing the roof to partially collapse, and Phantom the mouse escaped. 

We found the little sweety several hours later, but she was dead.

JD was heart-broken and I told him that he would be reunited with him when he got to heaven. We also talked about whether he wanted to get another mouse. 
Phantom No. 2

Squinty in his cage.
Just a few days later we got two new mice from the pet shop. The more timid of the two is 'Squinty' because it squints his right eye a lot, especially when we're handling him. The second one he named 'Phantom' because it looks a little similar to his previous mouse.

They're both still quite young and not fully grown, but with lots of careful handling they should turn out to be just as sweet as the original 'Phantom.'
Farewell to Phantom

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