January 20, 2011

Homework - I Have More Sympathy with JD Now

Since starting my course, I have developed more sympathy for JD and his homework, though his after-school work has mostly been only about half an hour in length. The homework for my new course is at least an hour a day which is on top of two days study. This year though, as JD commences high school, I've been telling him he should prepare for even more work and a requirement for a higher standard. I think he's still going to be in for a bit of a shock.

The course has been incredibly intense - very interesting as well, but there's been far too much information for just two days a week. I only hope it doesn't get more difficult!
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Anyway, I'm learning heaps about caring for the aged and disabled, and look forward to learning lots more. Three of us got together today to try and workout some of the more difficult questions.

Not much other news I'm afraid ... I have lots of homework waiting for me at this very moment, so I hope to catch up with you again tomorrow!

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