April 2, 2011

Readers Digest: Confirmation I'm Getting Older

It never occurred to me that a favourite old magazine would confirm something I've been trying to ignore for some time now ... the fact that I'm getting older. (I refuse to say that I am getting old, just older thank you very much.)

It was while I was flipping through the latest edition of Reader's Digest that I saw a single advertising page which referred to four different medical conditions, and I realised that I have two of the conditions they were referring to! It's like the pages were put there deliberately as if to say "Ha! Ha! You're turning into an old fart now aren't you? Once they start advertising your health problems in Reader's Digest, it's all downhill from here!"

I might have fainted at the thought, except they'd probably start advertising for that in next month's magazine.

Probably the scariest thing of all is that I'm now noticing these ads and sometimes even reading them .... I'm turning into my own grandmother.

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