May 6, 2011

Computer Breakdown = Emotional Breakdown

Once again, my computer had to go back for some repair work. My old computer died six months ago and this new computer has been rather a large pain. It got to the stage where my disk burner stopped working - in fact the computer would not recognise the drive actually existed. There were so many other issues right from the first day I got it home that I seriously felt like throwing it through the window. Unfortunately I had to complete my coursework assignments so could not do without the computer for 3-4 months. The very day after I finished my last assignment, the keyboard then decided to stop working as well!

Anyway, you probably guessed the computer is back up and working and I have a new keyboard that seems to be working fine as well.

So over the next few days or so, I should be able to get back on track with my blog and share a photo or two.

Catch you later then!

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