May 7, 2011

Some Recent Photos

Though I was unable to get onto my computer while it was away being repaired, I managed to snaffle a couple of photos.

First is our newest furry family member Genevieve, a long-haired chihuahua cross pomeranian. She continues to be a great source of delight to us and has started her training in earnest. Though she has only been with us for about a month, she has already learned "Sit" "Drop" and "Shake" and I've just started teaching her "Roll Over." I'll have to find some new tricks for her soon.
Genevieve doesn't look too comfortable in her new winter coat
Since the coat we bought Genevieve was too large, I endeavoured
to crochet her one, even though I'd never attempted to make
a dog coat before. I just had a good guess at it, and it looks ok.
Genevieve loves her cuddles

Genevieve and Cinnamon the persian have become
the best playmates, although Genevieve is
sometimes a little too rough!

As mentioned in the previous entry, I have finished my course-work and have received my Certificate of Completion in Certificate III in Aged Care. Once I complete my work placement, I can start looking for part-time work.
My classmates receiving our Certificates

Me with our course instructor Lee
The local wild laughing kookaburras and magpies continue to drop in of an afternoon for a snack to tide them over until the next morning.
A local magpie family visit regularly. Here's the mother
and two of their offspring
We've put a couple of perches near our back-steps which
provides shelter for the birds from the weather.
The magpies and laughing kookaburras are mostly civil
to each other and willing to share, although occasionally
they have a little squabble or two.
And finally, a couple of photos to finish.
I found this weird beetle on our back window
recently - not quite sure what it is though.
Lovely native flower spotted in the gardens at Spinnaker park.
A view from Spinnaker Park.

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