May 25, 2011

Oh, the Sweet, Sweet Seductive Smell of Stinky Sneakers

Since JD has hit puberty, there has been a distinct increase in his foot odour. It remains an ongoing issue in the household with frequent requests for his offending footwear to be moved out onto the verandah so that we can breath without inhaling their toxic fumes. 

JD's stinky shoes are so bad that after he left them in the car for a mere ten minutes, the vehicle remained very smelly for two days afterwards.

Today, he once again left his footwear inside the house, where they were discovered by two of our rather curious cats. At first they wandered over to them simply to investigate ...

The cats found JD's shoes.
and then the cats discovered the enticing aroma within the shoes and simply couldn't help themselves.
Both Larci and Stanley couldn't resist the
enticing aroma inside JD's shoes.

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