May 18, 2011

Photo Mystery Tour

As you may recall, I co-ordinate a Christian singles social group and we hold a variety of activities each year from visits to the art gallery, to games or music nights, meals out and outings to local community events.

This coming weekend we are holding a "Photo Mystery Tour" which is based on the old treasure hunt concept. Basically group members car-pool and are given a number of photos with questions which they must answer. The photos are of places and objects seen in the local town. The objects or places range from very easy and well-known to more obscure locations, but all easily found if people are observant. There are a couple of tricky questions as well.

On the right you will see three of the photographs we will be using.

One of the easiest has got to be the photo on the right which asks, "Who can be seen on this?" It's probably one of the most recognisable images in the world.

The teams will have two hours to find as many of these locations as possible. Because the photos are in no particular order, they may find it easier to sort them before they go to save themselves time and back-tracking.

It should be a good afternoon, and I'm sure everyone will have an enjoyable time.

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