May 10, 2011

Terrible Television

I was talking with JayCee recently about the shocking television programming on TV when I was growing up. While there were programs that we grew to love such as Adventure Island, My Favourite Martian, Bewitched etc, there were also lots of programs that were downright horrendous. These, unfortunately, constituted the majority of programming back in those days (60s and 70s)

Because I grew up in rural Queensland we had only two television channels to choose from: ABC TV and Channel 7. ABC was quite pathetic back in those days, and probably the only program that was worth watching in the 70s and early 80s was Countdown with Molly Meldrum. Channel 7 (which is now WIN TV) was almost as bad. Their idea of quality viewing was "The Black and White Minstrel Show" on Sunday evenings - an entire hour of boring singing and music with guys dressed up like Golliwogs. I hated that show and mum would watch it every Sunday night. Then their other quality programming was the Friday movie of the week which seemed to either a John Wayne or Elvis Presley movie. Needless to say, I now loathe John Wayne and Elvis Presley movies because to me it seemed a form of torture to be forced to watch the same things over and over again, and considering the quality of the Elvis Presley movie stories and his acting ability, there was an added level of torment and cruelty.

What got me talking about this was the "Free to Air" viewing that we now have here in Australia on 16 different channels. You'd think with all of the programs that we now have there would be a greater selection from which to choose... but for most nights of the week, there is nothing that I want to watch. I think the reality television programs are awful and I certainly have no interest in watching people cook food I would never make, and unlikely to ever get the chance to try. Most crime programs are filled with such awful criminals and shocking scenes that I do not want to watch something that will forever leave disturbing images in my mind. Most soapies today are full of unreal people and are so over the top that they simply do not interest me (actually soapies have always been ridiculous no matter the decade). Most of the news programs are so full of depressing stories about crimes, disasters and murders that I can't bear to watch them for fear I would never have hope for mankind ever again.

So - that leaves me with science-fiction (which is meant to be over the top and out there, so that's ok) and talent shows. Not much left to choose from is there? Thank goodness for the INTERNET!

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