June 8, 2011

What is That I See Before Me? Whatever You Do, Don't Feed It!

As I've mentioned previously, we have a houseful of pets: three cats and three dogs and one mouse who lives safely in his cage. It's amazing how different all of the cats and dogs are in personality. For those who've never owned a pet, this may seem a little far-fetched but it is very true. 

Here are some simple descriptions of them:
  • Larci the cat thinks that human beings have two functions: providing food and we are also a toy upon which he can munch and scratch;
  • Stanley the cat is the oldest, and is patient, genteel and enjoys a good cuddle and playtime;
  • Cinnamon the youngest cat adores cuddles, playing and a good brushing;
  • Scout the oldest dog acts like the Gestapo with the rest of the pets and tries to keep them in line, but is very faithful, intelligent and loving;
  • Rachel is a year younger and can be quite moody at times, but is always ready for a cuddle and just sitting beside her favourite human (me);
  • Genevieve is the youngest dog at six months and she is extremely loving, desperate for affection and any attention, and is keen to learn and play.
They are a great source of delight, though occasionally get into squabbles, can be destructive and are regularly quite noisy.

Our home and our furnishings are furry from them, but we have a fur-free rumpus room downstairs where we often entertain guests.

People comment about our little menagerie. In fact, when my mum and stepfather popped in for a quick visit a little while back, they got to meet our latest addition Genevieve and I think they felt quite overwhelmed by the excited group that met them at the door. Mum occasionally comments about our furry family, as well as the fact that we have no dining table at home. Both she and my stepfather feel it's a terrible way to bring up a child. They obviously think that not having a dining table will somehow stunt JD's development or cause him to become some kind of social misfit! Perhaps I should comment on the fact that his living with me should be more than enough to encourage a certain amount of abnormal development.

Not having a dining table was a deliberate choice on my part as we eat sitting down in front of the tv anyway. Additionally I love the open area between our lounge-room, dining area and kitchen which not only makes the area feel more spacious, but it provides us with a place where we can play with the pets and where they can play with each other.

But because we eat in the lounge, one of the common experiences we have when eating in our lounge-room is very much like following which I created in picture format for you:
Yes, our little furry family turn into a ravenous bunch of vultures when we are eating, waiting for scraps of food to fall to the floor, and jumping on any little tidbit. Most of our pets hover around JD, because he is such a messy eater!

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