September 7, 2011

JayCee: Disaster Central

Poor JayCee has been involved in a number of accidents and illnesses over the years, and has become quite well-known to the personnel in the medical emergency centre at the local hospital, as well as the ambulance drivers. Considering she is only 20 years old, she still has quite a few years left to fill with further mishaps, many of which are probably going to be self-inflicted.

Take two recent incidences for example. We were at a shopping centre when JayCee grabbed the trolley back to take back to the trolley bay. On the way there she thought it would be great fun to hop onto the back and ride there. Unfortunately, she discovered quite quickly that trolleys tip over backwards quite easily. She thought at the time that the whole experience was rather hilarious, even if she did tear her trousers and knock some skin of her knee.

Last week JayCee purchased a new treat dispenser ball for the two rats Basil and Bandit. One of the treats got stuck inside the ball so JayCee decided to retrieve the stuck item by sticking two of her fingers inside the treat ball. That's the moment she discovered how easy it is to get one's fingers stuck inside a rat treat ball. 

JayCee sure is one of a kind!

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