December 6, 2011

It's Been Quiet - A Little Too Quiet

It's been rather quiet on the home front recently - still waiting for my home to sell, so everything seems to be paused in anticipation.

Last week I did some respite, ie I fostered a toddler for a few days. He was  a delight, full of giggles and smiles. Before he arrived I had moved the kitty litter tray into the bath-tub to discourage the youngster from playing in it. He was very curious about it and I explained that the cats were going to the potty in it. A little later, he came out of the bathroom after he spied one of the cats in the litter tray and explained that the cat had just peed in there with two simple words, "Eow. Wet." I laughed aloud.

At first he was scared of the pets, though very curious, but before long had made friends with them all. He was especially taken with Genevieve and would lie on the floor near her just so she could lick his face. His response was to wipe his face, and then go back for another lick!

A friend of mine brought her son over a few days back, and he too has taken a special liking to Genevieve. Here they are playing on the back patio:

Our naughty cat Larci has started mellowing a little now that he's almost 4 years old. When he relaxes though - he REALLY relaxes.

Now that I think about it, Larci has been TOO quiet lately. I wonder what mischief he's been up to?
How can you look in this sweet, innocent
face and suspect anything?

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