January 18, 2012

Break Over Christmas and the New Year

My apologies for the big break over Christmas and the New Year. I did not have access to the internet for around two weeks and in addition I was quite busy. Anyway, I'm back and I'm hoping to catch up with the news and tell you about what I've been doing in the last month.

Today though, I finally finished a project I started a month ago: creating my own art deco tissue box cover. Aren't you just so excited to hear that I've been doing craft-work, lol?

I love art deco and art noveau (except for some of the really over the top stuff) and have been trying to find more for my bedroom. I thought I'd try and make myself a tissue box cover since I couldn't buy one anywhere - so here it is. It's still drying and the final stage will be spraying it with spray sealer to protect. First ever decoupage style thing I've ever tried.
Art deco tissue box cover I created
Art deco image I created for my bedroom wall.

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