February 11, 2012

Living in Gladstone, Queensland

We have some quality people living in Gladstone:

Yes, that's a lounge on their roof! The other side of the roof was partially covered in junk such as wood, tools and goodness knows what else.

Recently we were able to hand-feed one of our local laughing kookaburra babies and he was not at all afraid of us. The other baby though was a little too scared. Then last night we hand-fed our local possum and she was quite happy to let us scratch her on the head. The possum baby though was a little shy, but I'm sure will learn to trust us more.

In early January I spotted a lace monitor (goanna) at Lake Awoonga, being harassed by local kookaburras.

While there, we spotted a snake eating a toad or possibly a frog that seemed far too large for its mouth.

In mid January there was a full moon with an orange halo after a storm - must have been heaps of dust in the air, and lots of hot weather has followed since then.

Then around the same time we had some local bushfires:

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