May 16, 2012

House Overhaul: Before and After Photos

The last couple of months have been quite busy. Recently I have been doing some overhauling of my home in preparation for putting it back onto the market to sell. The wood on my back patio has been replaced and oiled. We've done LOTS of cleaning, and some furniture rearrangement and have even been putting some stickers up to make it look a little nicer. The front verandah has been painted with special marine paint to waterproof it. And the local Churches of Christ were kind enough to send along a working bee to tidy up my garden last weekend.
The old patio looked like this.
The first stage of replacing the wood found
some lovely termites chewing on three
of the beams. Look out - increased cost!
Murray tried to hide from my camera
as he was working.
Getting closer to completion.
The second last stage of the replacement.
The new patio looks fabulous!
The old clothesline was also removed.
The clothesline has been placed outside
on the laundry wall, and can be lowered
to make more room on the patio.
The front entrance has been tidied up
and there are some new plants.
Previously the old lounge room looked
small and shabby.

Now there are new curtains that make it
look softer and more welcoming,
matching lounge covers and some
bright cushions to cheer the room up.
The front of the house before the
gardens were redone.
The garden has been overhauled now
and edging has been placed around them.
Here's a closer view of the front gardens.
Earlier this year the rumpus room had new flooring placed in it:
The rumpus room before the new flooring.
And with the new flooring, the rumpus
room looks lovely and spacious.

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