June 5, 2012

Catch up Time Again

The house is ready and has been put on the market. I've had a couple of potential buyers through and have even been given an offer on the house, but the investor was hoping I was desperate enough to take at least $20,000 less than its market value - I declined, but offered him a reduction of $5,000. I'm still waiting to hear back from the other potential buyer as well but am happy to wait for God's timing and the right buyer to coincide. 
Our cat Cinnamon

I had only once been to a live footy match and that was 25 years ago (you can tell how much of a fan I am). Back then it was a very basic footy-field in Warwick and was a match between their team and Goondiwindi. We received a free family pass to the local footy match one Saturday night recently between the Devils and Capras and I took my friend Karen and my two foster kids along.

I think I probably enjoyed more watching and listening to the crowd than the game itself, but it was a good experience and got the crowd very excited towards the end when Capras began to catch up.

There was a 5-6 year old boy next to us screaming out things like "C'mon Capras!" and jiggling excitedly up and down in his seat.

Spud and MM both enjoyed it, though they got bored sitting in the one spot and wanted to run around.

The atmosphere was really great and there was a really good sized crowd. I may even go again one day.

One of the things I learned at the footy match on Saturday night, was to keep on eye on the toilet roll when going to the loo. As I pulled paper from the huge roll, it jumped off the spindle, bounced along the floor and began to roll away beneath the door. Fortunately I managed to catch it, but I'm sure the other ladies in the stalls were wondering what on earth I was giggling about.

And while we are on the subject of giggling, a few days later I spotted the following item at a local supermarket and thought "How appropriate for the menopausal woman!"

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