April 12, 2013

2,000 Year Rainfall

In late January this year, we had an incredible amount of rain. According to the record-keepers, we experienced a one in two-thousand year event. Around about one metre of rain fell in just a few short days.

This resulted in lots of run-off including leakage into my downstairs rumpus room which used to look quite lovely:

My rumpus room became a wading pool with furniture!

Some skirting boards will have to be replaced, as well as the very mouldy lino, and the back door will need to be resealed and refitted.

It's now April and I'm finally getting it repaired - lots of people in Queensland were making insurance claims because of the incredible damage, and there are simply not enough builders etc to keep up with the demand.

I also had to get my roof repaired where the winds were starting to lift the tin. Additionally I had to get the gutters cleaned out because of the debris that was clogging them.

I have been very fortunate that I live up high on a hill and locally we didn't sustain as much damage as other Queensland towns. I even got some financial assistance from the government to help cover the costs.

Update: as at mid May, I have had to obtain another quote for repairs and I am still awaiting the repairs.

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