May 12, 2013

Online Shops - Why I have been so busy

One of the big reasons that I have had little time to keep up-to-date with my blog is that during the last year I have opened two online shops. Creating graphics is one of my passions and there are several places where one can set up a shop. The company produces the product with my designs, and I make a little profit - a very small profit. I am hoping that eventually I will make enough to supplement my pension.

My initial shop was based in the USA and while their products are a good quality, I found the prices and postage a little too steep, at least for me here in Australia. Then about six weeks ago I found an Australian-based company which has some similar products where I can also use my graphic designs, where the prices and postage are much better.

The name of my shop is "Miss Terry Woman." So, without further ado, here are the links to my two shops:

Australia: Miss Terry Woman

Miss Terry Woman

I even have an online presence on Facebook: 
Miss Terry Woman

I hope you can drop by some time and check them out, and I would appreciate it if you could share the shops with your friends.

I also create specialised graphic designs to your own specific requirements: just let me know what you would like and as long as the product is available in either shop, I can make it for you. (There are some limits, ie I cannot create copyrighted images/icons and I do not use photos or images that are copyrighted.)

Here's a little sample of some of my designs on the online products:

Art Deco Designs



Cups, coasters and Plates

Handbags, Backpacks and more

Jigsaw Puzzles

Miscellaneous Items

Some of my favourite designs can be found in the "
Quirky" and "Fantasy" sections such as:
Dragon's Cave
A Girl and Her Unicorn
Beach Puggy

I look forward to receiving your feedback ... and as mentioned earlier, please let me know if you would like a special graphic created just for you.

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