March 5, 2010

I've Gone to the Dark Side

I've done it! After about 8 years of being a blonde, I've gone back to being a brunette, and it has been quite a shock. Whenever I look in the mirror or see myself reflected in a window I think to myself, "Who the heck is that?" and then realise that it's me.

I enjoyed being a blonde although several of my workmates and friends regularly tried to get a bite out of me by referring to dumb blondes. The silly thing is that after going brunette, tonight I went frantically looking through the house for my glasses, and there they were, perched on my face where they are supposed to be...Obviously, you don't have to be blonde to have a blonde moment!

My hair is naturally crazy curly, wavy, frizzy and dark brown. About ten years ago I started getting it chemically straightened, but because my wave is so strong, the straightening process never completely works and my hair tends to still be a little frizzy and wavy. Thankfully it does make my hair considerably more manageable.

In its natural state, my hair either has to be very long or very short to keep it manageable. If it's very long, there's not a lot I can do with it other than to put into lots of de-frizzing product and pin the top back. 

If I keep my natural hair short, I have what I like to call the "pensioner perm" look. This is the look that women 20 or 30 years older than me love. It's curly, wavy and always a little frizzy. It also tends to make me look like my own mother...and I'm telling you now that NO woman wants to look 20-30 years older than they are!

While I will try to maintain my straight hair, I'm trying to reduce my monthly costs by getting my hair coloured much less frequently, which is the reason I am now back to a colour closer to my own. 

So, drum-roll please .... here it is. 

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