May 10, 2010

Fashion for the Curvier Ladies ©

I found this interesting article on another blog that I thought you might appreciate:  unusual footwear

Even when I was a young thing and used to go out to nightclubs, I would always take off my shoes before dancing. Wearing high heels was ok for short walks, but not for any serious kind of dancing. It's interesting that today I have to wear shoes that support my feet very well, otherwise I end up with back, leg and hip pain. 

I never saw the sense in wearing shoes that were uncomfortable, just because they were pretty to look at. Frankly, if I'm wearing them to show off to my friends, then perhaps my life needs something more meaningful in it. There'd be no point wearing beautiful shoes for guys, because any guy who is going to notice you're shoes is likely to be more like girl-friend than boyfriend material anyway.

But on the other hand, why can't sensible shoes be nicer to look out? Sure if you can afford $150 or more, there are some great shoes out there. But for less than that price, you have to be content with shoes that only your grandmother could love.

And while we're on the subject of things that are difficult to find, why is it so difficult to find a cotton wrap-around dressing gown for those of us who are a little curvier? I've been looking for around ten years, even overseas on the internet, and no luck!

In summertime in this part of the world, you simply have to wear cotton dressing-gowns - everything else turns into plastic-wrap on your body in the heat. Whenever I do find a cotton gown it's either in the men's section in rather drab combinations of navy blue and brown stripes, or it's in fairy-floss pink or blue in the women's section! 

Why can't somebody make simple cotton wrap-around dressing-gowns in gorgeous deep plums, or rich raspberry colours? Since when has it been a cardinal rule that pyjamas and such must be in light "girly" colours?

One of my pet peeves with many department stores is that they treat us curvier ladies like we completely lose our sense of taste once we begin losing our waistline. In the small and petite area, there might be a selection of the loveliest patterns in shirts or swimwear. While in the larger sizes, there might be similarly made shirts and swimwear, but the patterns look like they're more suitable for horse-blankets.

Puh-lease! Will somebody out there listen and rectify these discrepancies? There's an entire market out there that no-one is exploiting. ©

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