May 9, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty ©

Our newest addition to the family went missing today. Little Cinnamon, our Persian kitten was not around when I arrived home after dropping JD off at his friend's place.

I looked everywhere for her, under beds, in cupboards, in the bathroom, and though I could occasionally hear her voice, I simply could not locate her. She stopped calling out and I had no way of tracking down her location.

Ana came home a little later and after a short search, she found her locked inside one of the kitchen cupboards I hadn't checked. It was one cupboard we don't use very often so did not consider she might be there. JD had obviously opened it earlier and the sneaky kitten climbed in.

It reminded me of the time my older sister lost their cat. Many years ago their moggy could not be found anywhere in the house. They could hear it calling but could not trace its location. They searched everywhere inside and outside the home, without any success.

By the third day someone thought it may have gotten trapped in the drain next door, so the neighbours and my sister's husband went shining the light down the drain to see if that's where the poor thing had gotten stuck. The pet had been fairly quiet and by that time was only calling out occasionally. 

My sister's kids were very upset, and it was just as everyone was standing outside the drain peering in, that they heard the cat. That time it was obvious that it was back inside the house, and in one of two bedrooms. But both bedrooms had been thoroughly checked out.

It was so frustrating, but back they went again, calling out to the cat, pulling things out of wardrobes, checking everywhere and were left feeling quite puzzled when they still could not locate the cat. 

Finally, a small muffled sound was heard from the corner of the main bedroom, behind a corner bedroom unit. They pulled the furniture out and there was the cat, stuck in behind in the small area behind the item.

And as cats do, it sauntered out as if to say "What took you so long?" ©

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