May 22, 2010

Play Acting ©

The newest addition to our family Cinnamon, the Persian kitten, has discovered something that most of us human beings discover at about the age of 4 or 5: screaming will bring you help.

Our 2 year old ginger cat Larci and Cinnamon have developed a wonderful friendship and play with each other like crazy little maniacs - sometimes at ridiculous hours of the night.

We've purchased them a play tunnel with a couple of large holes in it that they love to play in, chasing each other through it, around and over it, and wrestling together when they're bored with that.

Being the larger of the two, Larci likes to throw Cinnamon to the ground and pretend to bite her savagely at the throat or ears. 

While at first Larci was a bit rough with Cinnamon, he has now eased off his biting and usually gives just a playful nibble.

At first Cinnamon would yowl and protest at Larci's rough antics and we would rush in to protect her, thinking Larci was harming her, only to find Cinnamon was perfectly fine. The performance she put on made it seem that she was being murdered.

From this Cinnamon learned that if she yowls, we will come to her rescue. But recently I noticed that she's been yowling when Larci was merely standing over her and not even biting her.  

The naughtly little beggar has discovered how to play-act. ©

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