June 16, 2010

My Internet Connection is Back On

Oops, had a week or so without internet access recently which is reflected in my lack of blog entries. While not a lot has happened in that time, it's amazing how much "stuff" you can cram into a short period of time - running around paying bills, chasing up the internet provider, attending appointments and so on. I'm afraid, all rather dreary stuff really.

My knee is recovering slowly from surgery. It's been just over 3 weeks and I can now bend my knee, though it still feels rather stiff and sore, but there's been a definite improvement. It's kind of weird to bend it now because there is no noise at all in that joint. For years, my left knee has made sounds like velcro tearing apart, and now ... nothing! I'm looking forward to having more mobility in that knee, not that I'm planning on doing any marathons or exercise for that matter (wash your mouth out!)

As I am still unable to drive my manual car, my friend Ana has been allowing me to occasionally drive her automatic vehicle. She's a little shorter than me so I have to remember to adjust the seat before I get in.

It reminded me of the time I got in to drive my mother's car. My mum is more than 6 inches shorter than me and I completely forgot the height difference as I hopped in. 

There's a point at which you are seating yourself into a car-seat that you can't stop your downward movement, when you are commited to completing the manoeuvre. I was at that particular point when I suddenly discovered just how far in the seat was to the steering wheel. I ended up with my knees painfully jammed in beneath the steering wheel column and my body was stuck so close into the steering wheel that I could not reach  down to lift the handle to move the car-seat backwards. 

There I was, stuck like a sardine and unsure how I was to get out. Fortunately I called my step-dad who reached behind me and released the seat handle.

Phew! It was quiet an uncomfortable position to be in. I'd hate to have been stuck like that with no-one around to help me.

There was another time that I discovered just how large my feet are, simply by attempting to get into the driver's seat of a work vehicle. Someone had parked their car too close and I recall looking at the narrow gap between the door and the car-frame and wondering how I was going to squeeze myself through it. All went well, though my larger-frame did not appreciate the effort.

I had almost made it all the way into the car-seat when I realised I was stuck - or at least my right foot was. Positioned into the car-seat facing forwards, my remaining foot's full length had to be pulled in through the opening, but my foot was simply too long to squeeze through.

Twisting my body around to finally get my foot through, I hoped desperately that no-one saw me and realised that it was because of my big hoofahs that I couldn't get in!

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