June 18, 2010

Going Fishing

JD and I are going fishing tomorrow morning. Considering my success with fishing in the past, it should be an interesting time. 

While I can at least bait a hook (as long as it's not alive) I still hate taking the hook out of a fishes mouth and I don't want to eat them anyway because I hate to kill them. My total fish catch to the present day is probably about twenty which averages out to less than half a fish a year - I don't think the fish population need to be worried. 

In one of my earliest experiences, my friends and I were staying in a small basic cabin on a little island where there was only one boat a week. Unfortunately the kerosene fridge kept on going out so most of our food went off, so we had to catch fish to eat to supplement our remaining food-stocks. All I had at the time was a hand-reel and bait while the other experienced fisherman in our group had brought along his trusty fishing rod and took the time to explain to me how to catch the fish, adding that he doubted that I would probably catch many.

After an hour or so, he was less than pleased with our catch, because I'd caught more than him.

My next fishing experience was with my ex-partner when we stayed with his parents. His dad was known as one of the fishing legends in the town because he had lots of secret fishing holes whose locations he refused to divulge. 

That night, my ex's mum and I caught more fish than the two guys. This did not go down well with either of the men. The next time we went fishing though, the blokes evened out the score.

I've been fishing twice since then and have caught maybe four fish, three of which I placed back into the water because they were either undersized or I didn't think they were edible. The one remaining fish I took home to my cats. They thought it smelled lovely but wasn't worth eating. Fussy beggars!

Last night JD and I purchased some lures (no bait for us) and a pair of fishing gloves. JD has promised to take the fish off the hook and we'll probably put the fish back into the water, unless they are a good enough size to eat.

The main purpose in taking JD fishing is not to fish, but to have some "us" time and take the opportunity to talk about things that are going on in his life. Hopefully he'll feel comfortable enough to open up. He has a tendency to bottle things up, so maybe this will be good for our relationship.

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