September 24, 2010

Two Discoveries

Recently I made two interesting discoveries. I'm sure neither one will change the world or eliminate poverty, but I found them interesting nevertheless.

We've had a lot of wet weather this month - much more than we usually do in spring. As young JD has been home during school holidays, we decided to have a pie from a local bakery for lunch, just because of convenience.

I discovered a wet-weather phenomena that probably only bakers know about: wet weather is pie weather. Unfortunately, our pie choices were much more limited than usual because they had sold quite a number of pies. This is something we will have to take into consideration next time we experience wet weather and want a pie. 

Or perhaps our family too equates wet weather with hot pies and automatically heads towards the bakery during wet weather. Mmmmm, perhaps there's been some government conspiracy, in connection with bakeries throughout Australia, to entice the population to ingest hot pies whenever it rains. 

Perhaps we have been subjected to subliminal advertising on the television and feel prompted to eat hot pies at the slightest hint of wet weather. Perhaps each bakery has to give back to the government a certain percentage of their pie sales. Perhaps I'm reading far, far too much into this and I really should restrain my overactive imagination.

The other interesting thing I discovered was not a 'what' but a 'who.' When JD broke his arm some weeks back, we came across Joe at the local hospital who put the cast onto JD's arm. It was during the cast-making process that somehow we found Joe the cast-maker extraordinaire singing a song as he worked. 

Recently when we returned to have the cast removed, I mentioned that after our last encounter with Joe, I had been expecting to hear a song. Joe the cast-maker extraordinaire then sprang into action and sang the entire song "Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortning Bread."

It's not often one gets serenaded, and certainly not something one would expect when getting one's arm in a cast.

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