October 2, 2010

Cinnamon's Favourite Toy

Our youngest home member Cinnamon is now around nine months old. She's quite fond of cuddles, loves her ginger stepbrother Larci and is especially fond of playing and is adept at entertaining herself.

She's usually quite obedient, but occasionally forgets her manners. She exhibited this tendency a couple of weeks back when I was cleaning out the fridge and had taken the lid off our rubbish bin, as you can see on the right.

Cinnamon adores her toys and one of her favourites is a lid from softdrink bottle! That's great for us because it's cheap and easy to find!

But cinnamon's most favourite toys of all is a plastic spider. 

I think she likes it because of its legs and will pick it up by a leg and toss it into the air. Then chase it around and pick it up again and carry it from room to room. 

When she lost her first spider, we had to purchase a new plastic spider for her because she missed it so much. She regularly loses her spiders under the fridge or under cupboards. 

I think eventually we're going to have to amass a collection of the arachnids for her so she never runs out.

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