October 5, 2010

Curls of Communication

After getting home early one afternoon, I flopped onto the lounge and flicked on the television. The sight that met my eyes had me transfixed, and just a little nauseated. The queasiness wasn't caused by the fact that it was an American soap-opera, although that would be understandable, but rather by the weird creature I saw before me. I think it might once have been a human being but she'd obviously been mutated or struck by some strange disease that caused her skin to stretch into an open-eyed rigor-mortis-like visage. I refer of course to that strange condition known as over-the-top, botox-enhanced, saline plumped, dermabrasioned, skin-tightened, plastic surgery. 

Ok, I could probably have come up with a more concise title.

It was rather intriguing watching the actress attempt to portray emotion on her almost frozen face. When showing extreme distress, all she could do was open her eyes wider and vigorously fling her head about. Obviously these youth-challenged actresses now have to grow their locks longer so they can display more emotion with a particular flick of their hair. 

Can you imagine living in a society where our emotions could be expressed through our hair tossing? "Kath and Kym" would be ahead of their time, while those of us who are follically-challenged with frizzy hair, unruly locks or baldness, would have to rely on mere wriggling of our eyebrows or the suggestive twitch of a moustache.

Mmmm, that takes me back to a blog entry I wrote earlier about menopause and the resulting increase in facial hair – perhaps it could come in handy.

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