October 16, 2010

Hi! I'm a Celebrity

I have a very important question to ask you:
At what point does a person become a celebrity?
Does it require an appearance in a certain number of magazines? Television programs? Movies?

According to a woman I saw on a television infomercial recently, to become a celebrity, you simply have to appear on the cover of a little known magazine.

The fitness instructor had been the cover girl on a fitness magazine I'd never heard of and was called a "fitness celebrity."

According to that reasoning, every single person who has appeared in a newspaper, a catalogue, a school newsletter or on the cover of a long-lost game of "Family Feud" is entitled to the title of "celebrity."
In that case, you can call me a celebrity! When I was eighteen I appeared in the local newspaper with my friend at the local show as we raced around on the dodgem cars. So does that mean I can now I can call myself a "dodgem celebrity?"

In fact, since I have a regular newspaper column I think I'll call myself a "word celebrity."

Continuing on that theme, if a felon appears on wanted posters, does that make them a "criminal celebrity?"

How about you? What kind of celebrity are you?

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