November 22, 2010

Silly Cinnamon

Previously I mentioned that our youngest cat Cinnamon has developed a few quirks. 

She is around nine months old now and along with the instinctive need to sit in any kind of box or container, she has taken to lying in unusual places as well such as our dish rack.

And she also found our slow cooker just recently.

Earlier I talked about her obsession with plastic spiders. She will carry it around in her mouth, throw it onto the floor, then pounce on it and bite it when it's least expecting it. She tried this recently when the spider was in a box.

Mmm, it's my plastic spider!

Who put my spider in here?

Aha! Thought you could hide from me

didn't you, you diabolical plastic spider!

Cinnamon is also obsessed with her milk. She will ignore her plastic spider, her biscuits and other food, if she thinks somebody is going to the fridge to get her milk. 

She's not exactly a fastidious drinker either.

But when it comes to relaxing, Cinnamon is quite willing to be comfortable anywhere at all ... in the middle of the hallway, in the way of the exits, on any floor space where you are likely to walk.

This is especially true if she thinks she will get a tickle on her tummy by any passersby.

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