November 9, 2010

Ignorance is Not Always Bliss

We have two families living behind us that seem to be in some kind of competition with each other. Sometimes they compete at the same time, while on other occasions they go it alone. I refer to their ongoing requirement to play very loud music, usually starting early on a Friday evening and continuing on through the entire weekend.

Obviously they don't give a damn about everyone living around them. But what irks me the most is they think they have the right to inflict their music tastes onto everyone else. Part of the problem is they appear to be at either extreme of mid seventies rock or present-day metal or heavier music.

At the very least they should do a survey of the neighbourhood to see what people wouldn't mind having to listen to for hours at a stretch, and sometimes into the wee hours of the night.

But when things are a little quieter, we get to hear the musical tones of two other neighbouring families that like shouting matches, preferably aimed at their children, with lots of swear words thrown in.

Once again, it's like they think they have the right to inflict their own language choices onto everyone else. Frankly I feel quite sorry for the children who must think the "F" word is another word for "the" or at least a very versatile adjective.

Why can't all the bad, inconsiderate neighbours, move into the same neighbourhood? We could call the area something tasteful like "Snotsville" or "Selfish Estate." 

Perhaps we could instigate a "three strikes and your out" policy: if the police are called three times and confirm their inconsiderate behaviour, then they should be issued with a "Notice of Eviction from the neighbourhood" or undergo counselling.

Another option could be that the music maniacs could be required to listen to Bing Crosby for several hours at a stretch, and the swearers and shouters should listen to continuous sermons by local preachers on treating others with respect.

Mmmmm - sounds good to me.

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