November 11, 2010

My Brother's 50th Birthday Gift

For many years I gave sensible gifts to people for Christmas and birthdays, but decided a number of years ago to just have a bit of fun instead. 

A couple of Christmases ago I gave my brother a life-size fake crocodile head. He's always liked practical jokes and I figured he would have fun placing it in the bushes near his front steps.

It was after his recent birthday that I discovered how much he had enjoyed his gift. He has a rather large yard, extending back into a fenced paddock. He was talking about the pool of water that accumulates there in wet weather and how he decided to place the crocodile head there, poking up from the water's edge.

A short time later the woman next door went down to her adjoining paddock and almost had a heart attack at the sight of what she thought was a large, live crocodile. My brother and his wife thought it was hilarious.

I'm sure my recent birthday gift to my brother for his 50th birthday will provide an equal amount of amusement for them. 

The gift is a gag toilet monster that can be attached to the inside lid of the toilet. When visitors lift up the lid, they'll get the fright of their lives as a scary looking green monster seems to jump up out of the toilet.

I'm sure the most common response will be something like, "Oh, crap!"  .......... very appropriate.

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