December 19, 2010

Amazing Items for Your Pampered Pets

Scout loves laser lights
I don't know about you, but I love my pets. They are such an important part of my life. They are always happy to see me (except when it comes to bath time) and make me feel like I'm special. 

Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of toys for my cats and dogs, not only to amuse them but also to maintain that special bond between us.

It's rather interesting how each of them have special needs when it comes to their toys: 
  • Scout our oldest dog adores laser lights and will go ballistic running up aand down the hall - no random flicking of the laser light is permitted, she just has an in-built need to do laps until she exhausts herself;
  • Cinnamon our youngest cat has a special plastic spider that she loves above every other toy. It's easy to carry in her mouth and is almost as big as her head;
  • Rachel our other dog goes crazy about water and ends up completely soaked when JD does the watering;
  • Cinnamon loves her plastic toy spider
  • Larci our ginger and white cat believes that human beings are the best toys out for chewing and scratching.
It was while I was searching on an auction-type website that I came across some very intriguing items for ones pets that inspired me to write this blog entry. Here for your enjoyment are some of the latest for your pet:

Interactive Toys:

Here's a bag of coal dog puzzle, which I originally thought was a puzzling idea for a toy for one's pet, until I read further. 

The sack contains five pieces of coal, with just one of the pieces having a squeaker. The idea is to challenge one's dog to undo the tie on the bag and find which piece of coal squeaks.

Not only fun for dogs who like squeaky things, but educational too as the dog discovers how to undo the bag to reach a squeaky toy.

The sellers of this toy believe that a dog can never have too many toys!

Next item I found was especially for cats, and likely to keep them entertained for good stretches at a time. 

The spinster cat toy has just the right elements for a cat: there's a moving object and a flicky bit of string. 

While the cats may like to play with it on their own, there's the added bonus of being remote controlled, so you can still interact with your cat when you're in your lounge by flicking the remote button every now and then to keep the toy twirling and spinning and wobbling.

Don't forget the Nina Ottosson dog twister which will encourage your dog to locate and retrieve the treats hidden inside.

Sure to challenge even the brightest of dogs, the twister is just one of the latest of a range of interactive dog toys.

But what happens if you have to leave your cat at home at night? Do they pine for you? How can you keep them mentally active and healthy if you aren't there? 

Or perhaps they get bored at night while you are asleep

Provide your moggy with the Petstage flashing firefly mat nighttime toy specially designed to entertain them during the dark. 

It's designed with random flashing lights that come on at different times, so that your cat will never know when to expect it!

Then there's the Ware Mfg remote control feline frenzy workout cat toy which sounds like it should be set up in a pet gym, doesn't it?

This crazy, moving toy makes a crinkling sound as it moves, and with you controlling it remotely, is sure to send your cat crazy.


To ensure your dog is looking its glamorous best, you simply must have a collection of beautiful outfits for it, along with the latest in doggy hair accessories of course!

This lovely little jewelled hair clip is ideal to show off your doggy's latest "do."

And one mustn't forget an Aria pearl anklet for your pooch in either ivory or pink. Mix and match if you like.

Pet Beds:

And to keep one's pet looking its best, it has to be fed well and get a good night's sleep. How could your pet possibly do that unless it's sleeping in the most fitting bedding possible?

This amazing luxury wrought-iron four poster bed would look divine in any pet lover's home, ensuring of course you outfit it in satins and silks so that your pet need not feel ashamed when it's out in public.

There are several quality choices available including this luxury metal frame royale bed which would seem fitting even for a pet at the Taj Mahal.

Of course, the pillow would have to be filled with the finest in goose down for that perfect snooze.

But for a soft bed that even the princesses in fairy-tales would not complain about, check out the Petmate nap of luxury pet bed.

What pet could possibly resist it? Imagine placing it in your room and having matching covers for your bed and your pets!

We all know how cats love to watch out of the window.

Should your moggy show a preference for sleeping there, you can always provide the most comfortable sleeping arrangement possible with the lazy pet deluxe cat window perch.

This will not only ensure your cat is as rested as possible, especially with its orthopaedic foam, but will enable them to keep an eye out on what's going on in the neighbourhood.

But not all cats like to share, so if you have two or more cats, provide them with an alternate bedding arrangement which will ensure they are equally treated to luxury in this Mr Herzher's double cat seat.  

You can of course place it in front of a window, so that your two cats can gossip about the goings on outside.

Pet Carriers:

And finally, when one has to travel, an inferior plastic pet carrier will simply not do.

Here's an example of one of the latest in pet carrier's. 

With loads of pockets, you will be sure never to forget your pet's favourite toys and treats. The lightweight Snozzer deluxe wheeled pet carrier, is perfect for carrying onto planes.

A little window at either end will ensure your pet knows exactly where you are at all times, and the little flaps can be closed for nap-time. 

And finally, for those of us ladies with pets of superior taste, one cannot go past the ultimate pet carrier bag.

The Zack and Zoey ruffle faux suede pet carrier will ensure every other pet-owning woman will die of envy when she sees this.

It even has a removable berber mat for extra comfort, and small windows at either end for your discerning pooch.

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